Mission, Vision, and Goals

Mission, Vision & Goals

OCPS Vision

To be the top producer of successful students in the nation

OCPS Mission

To lead our students to success with the support and involvement of families and the community

OCPS Goals

To focus our efforts to accomplish our mission and achieve our vision, the board and superintendent set five broad goals.

  • Intense Focus on Student Achievement

  • High-Performing and Dedicated Team

  • Safe Learning and Working Environment

  • Efficient Operations

  • Sustained Community Engagement

Arbor Ridge Vision Statement

Arbor Ridge School will be a safe and enthusiastic community of learners where every student reaches intellectual, social and creative potential while preparing for greater scholastic achievement beyond the elementary/middle school level. Scholastic achievement will be increased as we bridge learning gaps through aligning instructional content with state education standards for all grade levels and subject areas. Our students will accomplish this with the support and guidance of parents, staff and community members, thus enabling them to make positive contributions to society in a rapidly changing world.