Testing and Grading

Testing Policy

  1. Whether or not a test review is given is left to the discretion of the classroom teacher. Homework, reading assignments, class assignments, handouts, and notes constitute adequate material for test preparation. It is the student's responsibility to acquire any material missed and to maintain this material for test preparation. Students are not excused from a scheduled test if they should happen to miss a review.
  2. All major tests will include a variety of question types. 

Grading Policy

  1. Teachers will explain their grading procedure at the beginning of each grading period.
  2. Grading shall normally include major tests, papers, projects, minor quizzes, classwork, and homework.
  3. Extra Credit - At times students will ask for extra credit assignments when grades are low in order to improve their grades. If a student is not doing well with regular work, additional work will not help the student perform better. Extra work is not permitted for the purpose of improving grades. A teacher may, at his/her discretion, allow a student to repeat an assignment in a different format. A teacher may also individualize a previous assignment in order to improve skills and/or to replace a low grade. This will not, however, be used as a last-minute effort to salvage a low grade. Teachers may also give bonus questions on tests or quizzes.
  4. All assigned school work should be completed and submitted by due dates. It is the policy of ARS to stress the importance of turning work in on time. Penalties will be assessed as indicated below when work is turned in late.
  5. Classwork, homework, projects, and tests should be recorded by students in their planner on a daily basis.


Major Papers and Projects
Turned In

Highest Possible Grade

On or before due date 


One school day late 


Two school days late 


Three school days late


Four school days late


More than four school days late  0 (no credit)


Daily Homework or Class Work (generally worth 5 to 10 points)

Students will be required to serve lunch detention in order to complete the assignment for a 50%. Students will remain in lunch detention for as long as it takes to complete the assignment.

Note: Unless previous arrangements are made, the late assignment rule applies regardless of the reason.

Conduct Grades

A student's conduct in each class will be noted as follows:

1 = Satisfactory
2 = Needs Improvement
3 = Unsatisfactory


At Arbor Ridge School, grades are reported electronically each nine weeks. Grades are available throughout the grading periods to students and parents via Parentaccess.ocps.net. Progress reports, issued midway through each nine weeks, are not a part of the student's permanent records. Hard copies of Progress Report and Report Card grades are sent home with students.

Grading Scale
 Numeric Grade Letter Grade


89 -80


79 -70


69 -60


59 and below