Arbor Ridge Middle School Conduct Expectations

The staff at Arbor Ridge Middle School strives to foster a learning environment that is structured, courteous, maintains high expectations and mutual respect. Every student’s learning environments should be free of class disruptions due to adverse behaviors. Students also have the obligation to come to school prepared. This includes being at school regularly and on time as well as completing all assignments.

Cell phones can be a convenient means of communication; however, students are not permitted to use cell phones during the school day. Cell phones must be turned off prior to entering the building. Students who have their cell phones (this includes text messaging and/or taking pictures) and/or electronic devices out/on during the school day will have them taken away. Parents should call the school to arrange for the return of all electronic devices.

Consequences for Disruptive Behavior

1st Offense: A verbal warning will be given when a minor classroom or school rule is broken, unless the OCPS Student Code of Conduct calls for a referral.

2nd Offense: A second verbal warning will be given and may be accompanied by communication to the parent/ guardian via email, phone call and Conduct Behavior Violation Notice (CBVN).

3rd Offense: If the problem persists after the interventions outlined above students will be referred to the Middle School Dean for further disciplinary action.