Make Up Work

Make-Up Work

Students with absences are expected to make up missed work. Any work due on the day first missed will be due upon the student's return to school. With this exception, makeup work will be due on the following schedule:

Excused Absences Time Allowed for Make-up Work
 Number of Excused Absence Days Days Allowed for Make-up Work

One day

One extra day

Two days

Two extra days

Three days

Three extra days

Four days

Four extra days

Five or more days

To be worked out individually

No extra time is allocated for homework or tests for students who have an unexcused absence. Being absent the day before a previously announced test or quiz does not exempt a student from taking the test. Any such exemption is solely up to the discretion of the classroom teacher who can make the best determination of the necessity of any review for success on the test.