Middle School Magnet Program

Arbor Ridge Middle School Magnet Program 

The Arbor Ridge Middle School Magnet is for students in grades six to eight. Students have the opportunity to reach the highest intellectual and behavioral potential in a small, nurturing learning environment. This setting allows students to gain academic success without the pressure of a large, traditional middle school, and will enable them to prepare for greater achievement beyond the eighth grade. This rigorous program emphasizes self-organization, responsibility, and leadership so that students are prepared to live as productive and successful citizens in an ever-changing, challenging society. Participating students enter the program in the sixth grade and a limited number may enter in seventh and eighth grades.

Transportation is provided for this program for students who reside within the Arbor Ridge Elementary transportation zone.

Specific Eligibility Requirements: Applicant’s schedule must be able to accommodate magnet classes and a 2.5 GPA is recommended.

Every student (including Arbor Ridge Elementary School students who wish to attend the Arbor Ridge Magnet Program) must apply online through the below link in order to be entered into the lottery.

Magnet Application Process

Magnet Application Window
Window Opens: Monday, November 1
Window Closes: Tuesday, February, 15

1st Magnet Lottery 
Late February

2nd Magnet Lottery
Early April

*Parents are notified of the lottery results via email from School Choice Services approximately one week after the lottery. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder.*
Questions? Please email [email protected].


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Middle School Bell Schedule

 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Period Time
1st 8:45 - 9:35
2nd 9:38 - 10:25
3rd 10:28 - 11:15
4th 11:18 - 12:05
5th 12:08 - 12:55
Lunch 12:55 - 1:20
6th 1:23 - 2:10
7th 2:13 - 3:00

Period Time
1st 8:45 - 9:29
2nd 9:32 - 10:10
3rd 10:13 - 10:51
4th 10:54 - 11:32
5th 11:35 - 12:13
6th 12:16 - 12:54
Lunch 12:54 - 1:19
7th 1:22 - 2:00